Monday, 23 February 2015

A day off...

A few major things stole my time yesterday and left me a little drained. 

Maybe today I'll get to sit down and flick through the pages of my favourite magazine...

The girlies are still off school today, so I'm not fancying my chances much!

Jen ❤️

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fabulous half term trip to London!!

This week it's half term holidays in my house. Mr D was away on business, so the girls and I decided to go on a little adventure to London!! 

Our first stop was Buckingham Palace (more images to follow) but my absolute most favourite place to visit was here - the most beautiful Liberty. 

Every little bit of the place makes me feel happy, items displayed with style, the beautiful flowers outside. 

The Arts and Crafts design, the beautiful staircase.

I fell in love with this display, how beautiful are these?

I may however have spent a little too long in the fabrics department, my Littlest D was sitting on the floor for a bit looking a little weary. (Pretty much how I looked when she was looking at EVERYTHING in Hamleys!)

Such an inspirational place with lovely staff, I will be visiting again very soon.

Now let's get the girls back to school so I can stitch up some lovely new bits with my newly acquired fabric!!!

Jen ❤️

Monday, 9 February 2015

My four legged friends.

If any of you have a dog you will know what it's like to have those eyes watching your every move. 
I spent yesterday pottering around in the kitchen, the dogs watching, waiting to see what drops in the floor. 

Today however I had to work, there were two pretty sad looking little faces at the kitchen gate this morning..... 😕

Actually, they look pretty sad at bath time too....

Think maybe it's about time I painted one of my own dogs but in the meantime here is a picture of a Staffy I did a while back and still one of my favourites. 

Talk later, I'm supposed to be working 😳

 Jenny ❤️

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Is there anyone there?

I never know whether writing a blog is good or bad. I find myself stressing over what I need to say, wondering what anyone wants to hear me talk about.
I figure no one's really interested or looking so maybe I shouldn't really worry about it!
I'm not the best at putting my thoughts into words like some.

I told myself that this was the year I was going to try and blog more often, it's the way forward I'm told, everyone does it now days I'm told...

Well, January is over, I have no more excuses left.

If you fancy a peek in my shop, here is a lovely little link for you ;)  Jenny Dunlop Shop